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Dynabrade 30200 Over-Under Descaling & Surface Preparation Tool

Dynabrade 30200 Dynascaler Surface Preparation Tool, Over-Under

.7 hp, Straight-Line, 2,100 RPM, Rear Exhaust, 1″ (25 mm) with peen hub

  • All models use optional DynaPeen. ‘bonded shot’ flap assemblies. Ideal for removing rust, oxide, scale, old paint and tough coatings from most surfaces.
  • Mechanically fractures scale and coatings, with negligible removal of base metal.
  • Over-under simultaneous removal of scale, from top and bottom of girder webplates prior to welding.
  • Top and bottom unit each use optional 1″ wide DynaPeen. ‘bonded shot’ flap assemblies. Top unit easily detaches to permit portable ‘touch up’ descaling.


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