Dynabrade Tools

Founded in 1969, Dynabrade has earned a reputation and position of continued leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable abrasive power tools. Dynabrade tools grind, deburr, file, sand and polish to meet the needs of many industries for work with metals, wood, plastics, glass, rubber, stone, fiberglass, composites and much more.

At Principal Power Tools, we are proud to showcase a diverse range of Dynabrade tools, each engineered to meet the varied demands of professions and projects. Our inventory includes the Dynafile for precision belt grinding, offering a unique grinding experience for tight spots and difficult-to-reach areas. Additionally, we supply the Dynabrade Air Random Orbital Sander, a tool favoured for its supremely balanced and quiet operation, ideal for achieving flawless finishes on a multitude of surfaces. Not to be overlooked, the Dynabrade Die Grinder provides unparalleled performance in deburring and cylindrical grinding tasks with its powerful motor and compact design, making it a beloved choice for metalworkers and craftsmen alike.

Dynabrade Sanders and Abrasive Belt Tools

Dynabrade’s commitment to innovation is clearly exhibited in their impressive line-up of sanders and abrasive belt tools. These products stand as a testament to the company’s legacy of providing high-quality, durable tools that increase efficiency and produce superior results.

In our selection at Principal Power Tools, we present the exceptional Dynafile II, the benchmark for handheld abrasive belt tools, which offers rapid and precise material removal capabilities that are second to none. Equally, the Dynorbital Supreme series of air sanders set the industry standard for high-performance finishing owing to their fine balance and the vibrational reduction they ensure for the operator. Built for longevity and with the user’s comfort in mind, these sanders and abrasive belt tools truly exemplify Dynabrade’s dedication to excellence in every aspect of their craft.


Dynabrade: A Global Leader in Abrasive Power Tools

Dynabrade Europe 1989

Dynabrade is a leading global manufacturer of abrasive power tools that prioritises the service and repair of its tools. To ensure the highest quality, the company has authorised European distributors who provide warranty repair services using genuine Dynabrade spare parts. Users of Dynabrade tools are strongly recommended to utilise a Dynabrade-authorised repair centre for the best service possible.

Authorised Repair Center: Principal Power Tools

Principal Power Tools has served as a Dynabrade warranty repair centre in the UK for over 25 years and has consistently upheld the company’s high standards. The company’s workmanship has made it a valued partner of Dynabrade, upholding its standards.

Continuous Quality Control

At Dynabrade, continuous quality control is of utmost importance. Dynabrade designs tools to meet customer demands. The company subjects its products to rigorous performance tests at every stage, from design to assembly. Dynabrade is committed to maintaining and improving quality to exceed customer expectations worldwide.

Commitment to Research and Development

The company’s commitment to research and development sets it apart. Dynabrade continually upgrades its product offering based on market needs and new technology to ensure its tools meet unique industrial requirements. The company invests in manufacturing processes and equipment to improve product quality, solve user problems, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Dynabrade’s extensive product line and many years of experience demonstrate its leadership in the portable abrasive power tool industry.


Dynabrade Europe S. à r.l

dynabrade europe

Dynabrade Europe S. à r.l., established in 1989, serves as the company’s Luxembourg-based office for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It provides sales, marketing, customer service, warehousing, and repair services for Dynabrade products. The company’s tools are designed for various technical applications, delivering quality finishing for various materials in industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, and marine.

Reliable and Long-Lasting Tools

With continued research and development, Dynabrade produces reliable, long-lasting, and ergonomic tools available worldwide through professional distribution networks. All company tools comply with or exceed health and safety regulations. Dynabrade works closely with its customers to find the best solutions for their production processes, achieving optimal results and improved productivity.

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