Dynabrade Abrasive Belt Tools

Dynabrade’s line of abrasive belt tools provides the power and precision you need to get the job done right. These versatile tools can be used for a variety of applications, from removing material to buffing out imperfections. The belts are made of high-quality sandpaper or abrasive grit and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Whether you’re working on wood, metal, or plastic, Dynabrade’s abrasive belt tools will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Looking for an abrasive belt tool that can handle all your needs? Look no further than Dynabrade! With the world-famous Dynafile’s available in a wide range of models, each with a comprehensive range of contact arms to tackle any task. From the mini Dynafile to the Dynabelter, we have the perfect tool for you. And because Dynabrade are the market leaders, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and most innovative products available. So don’t wait any longer – order your Dynabrade abrasive belt tool today from Principal Power Tools!

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Dynafile® Model 14000 Abrasive Belt Tool:

The Dynafile® Model 14000 revolutionizes metalwork with its capability to grind, deburr, blend, polish, and finish. This versatile tool efficiently replaces hand filing, adapting with ease to metal, plastic, fiberglass, and more, using belts as narrow as 1/8″. Features include superior belt tracking, adjustable motor, and a quick-change belt guard, making it the ideal solution for precise work in tight spaces. The 14010 Versatility Kit expands its utility with additional Contact Arms and abrasive belts for varied applications.

Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool

Transform your grinding, deburring, and polishing experience with the revolutionary Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool. This lightweight tool, specifically designed for difficult-to-reach areas, effortlessly adjusts with a 360° pivoting head and attaches securely for optimal operation. The ergonomic design boasts a soft-touch grip, while the detachable belt guard and simple tracking adjustment make abrasive changes a breeze.

Model 40320 & 40321

Choose between 18″ long belt models;

Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool Model 40320 comes with a Contact Arm for 3/4″ x 18″ belts, and Model 40321 (Versatility Kit) includes multiple arms, belts, platen pads, and die grinder collet, all in a carrying case.

Model 40335

Ideal for setting metal grain lines and satin finishes, the 40335 model is equipped with a 1/2″ wide medium non-woven nylon belt.

Model 40381

Operating at a slow speed of 1,500 SFPM, it ensures extended belt life for titanium and exotic material work. Read more about the 40381 Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool model.

Model 40326

For those who need a longer, 20-1/2″ belt, the 40326 model includes an arm that accepts both 5/8″ and 3/4″ wide belts for wider coverage.

Inclusivity Kit Options

For expanded versatility, opt for kits that come with a collection of arms, belts, and accessories, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any task. US Government National Stock Numbers available for specific models.

Embrace efficiency and a professional-grade finish with Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool. Perfect for metal, plastic, fiberglass, and more.

Dynabelter® Air-Powered Abrasive Belt Tool: 

Model 11475:

Transform metalwork with the standard-duty Dynabelter® 11475, featuring a .7 hp motor and 1″ wide x 30″ long abrasive belt capacity. Ideal for grinding and finishing with adjustable speed and safety-lock lever.

Model 11476:

Heavy-duty 1.2 hp Dynabelter® tackles demanding weld grinding and blending tasks on metal surfaces. Accommodates 1″ wide x 30″ long belts, featuring a top control handle for precision work. Read more about the 11476 model.

Model 11477:

The extra heavy-duty 2.0 hp Dynabelter® excels in large-scale deburring and finishing with a 2″ wide x 30″ long abrasive belt. Features a pressure bar for top control, ensuring efficient and top-quality finishes.

Each model is versatile, suitable for various materials including metals, wood, and composites. Perfect for tasks such as grinding cylinders and cleaning welds. Enhance your metalwork today with Dynabelter®.