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Dynabrade 58050 Rolling Pin Sander

Dynabrade58050 Rolling Pin Sander

.4 hp, 7 Degree Offset, 3,200 RPM, Rear Exhaust, 3-1/4″ (82 mm) W x 7″ (178 mm) L Pneumatic Wheel

  • Rolling Pin Sander. Air-Powered Abrasive Finishing Tool ideal for sanding and finishing on contoured shapes.
  • 3,200 RPM, .4 hp. Unique offset handle to control torque.
  • Includes 94434 Pneumatic Wheel, 3-1/4″ dia. x 7″ long. Wheel inflates to 20 PSI max.
  • Designed for use with coated abrasive and non-woven nylon belts.

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