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Dynabrade 51333 .7hp Air-Powered Vacuum Router

Dynabrade 51333 .7 hp Router, 4″ Base, Central Vacuum

20,000 RPM, Gearless, Rear Exhaust, 1/4″ Collet, Extended Muffler

  • Central Vacuum Router – 4″ (102 mm) Dia. Base For Connection to Central Vacuum System. Unique vacuum shroud captures contaminants. Vacuum Router is ideal for chamfers and roundover cuts on hardwoods, softwoods, solid surfaces and plastics. Great for laminate trimming, surface planing, beveling and cornering.
  • Includes 1″ (25 mm) vacuum port, for easy connection to external central vacuum system. Efficiently captures dust and debris as tool is run. Includes 08054 Insert, for enhanced source capture.
  • Tool accepts optional high-speed router bits with 1/4″ diameter shank capacity. Non-marring composite base. Safety-lock throttle lever included. Also includes 94300 Composite Dynaswivel®, for enhanced tool maneuverability.
  • Two handles for added support and ease of use. 4″ (102 mm) dia. Composite Base offers enhanced stability.
  • Extended rear exhaust muffler for reduced sound levels.


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