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Dynabrade 52052 Lightweight Dyninger

Dynabrade 52052 Lightweight Dyninger Finishing Tool

.4 hp, Straight-Line, 0-3,200 RPM, Rear Exhaust, 1/2″ (13 mm) Dia. Arb

  • Lightweight Dyninger Air-Powered Abrasive Finishing Tool, for use with Spindle-Mount, Arbor-Mount and Eyelet Sanding Stars.
  • 0-3,200 RPM, .4 hp. For running arbor-mount abrasive stars or Dynacushion wheel. Includes 12980 Arbor (1/2″ diameter) for mounting up to five 4″ diameter arbor-mount sanding stars (1/2″ center hole). Arbor includes spacers to be used between the stars for added flexibility. (Stars sold separately.)
  • For whitewood/sealer sanding, light deburring of metal, or fabrication and finishing of composite surfaces.
  • Excellent for use on wooden parts, moldings, raised panels and intricate profiles. Eliminates raised grain and removes loose fibers when whitewood sanding as well as scuffing sealer coats.
  • Tool includes 94407 Air-Flow Control Dynaswivel fitting for maximum tool maneuverability and control.


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